Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to do after making a purchase?

Firstly, TuPandas would like to thank you for making a purchase. Once you make the payment, you need to check your Inbox for a confirmation email. Since to ensure timely and fast delivery, our automated system will confirm the transaction and your profile and then we will deliver the services within the specified period.

2. How long will it take to deliver the services?

Depending upon the request, you'll be served as soon as the system confirms the payment and will deliver/complete the request within few hours, or it may also take up to 24 hours in rare cases. The services which are labeled as "Instant" will be fulfilled within minutes.

3. What do I need to provide in order to purchase?

Your username is sufficient enough to confirm your identity. As TuPandas strongly encourages you to keep your profile updated and refrain from changing your username after making a purchase.

4. Does your website offer privacy and security?

Indeed, your information is 100% secured with us. Our SSL Secured network allows a user to do transactions more securely.

5. What are the acceptable payment methods?

We accept payments from the most secure and highly used network, i.e., PayPal.

6. Why is my order not processing?

We cant guarantee the time of delivery since there are regular Algorithm Updates in Social Media that we need to implement in our servers and delays can occur, make sure the meet the minimum quantity, also for YouTube Views the quantity must be a multiple of 1000 and for YouTube Likes must be a multiple of 100.

7. How can I reach/contact you?

You can always contact us by visiting our Contact Us page, as we have 24/7 Support via the ticket system. You can also contact us on Telegram @TuPandas.

8. Where can i read your Privacy Policy and Terms & Condtions?

You can find our Privacy Policy here and Terms & Conditions here .

9. What is your Refund Policy?

No refunds will be made to your payment method. After a deposit has been completed, there is no way to reverse it. You must use your deposited balance to pay orders from

You agree that once you complete a payment, you will not file a dispute or a chargeback against us for any reason.

If you file a dispute or charge-back against us after a deposit, we reserve the right to revoke of all previous services ordered, terminate all future orders, suspend you from using our services, ban you from our site, and pursue legal action. We also reserve the right to take away any followers and likes delivered to any accounts and posts belonging to you or your clients on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other social media sites.

Orders placed on will not be refunded or canceled once they have been placed. You will receive a refund credit to your account if the order is non deliverable

Misplaced orders and orders to private account will not qualify for a refund. Be sure to confirm each and every order before placing it.

Fraudulent activity such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards will lead to termination of your account and may lead to legal action. There are no exceptions.

Please do not use more than one server at the same time for the same account or post. We cannot give you the correct amount of followers and likes number if you decide to do so. We will not refund these orders in any circumstances.

10. Will I get any engagement from the followers?

We can't give you any guarantee since we do not have control over the accounts that will follow your profile. Good content is the key to success.

11. What does 'Refill' and 'No Refill' mean?

Since our followers are created from real people there is a chance that they can unfollow you after few days, therefore we will give you Refill usually for 30 Days, you won't get new followers for services that state No Refill.

12. What Are Auto Likes/Views ?

Our system will detect whenever you upload a new post in your instagram profile, everytime a new post is detected you will get the Likes / Views you ordered.

13. What is Drip Feed?

Drip Feed allows you to get X amount of Likes/Views every Y minutes for Z runs.
ex. Quantity = 1000 , Runs = 5 , Interval = 5 will give you 1000 Likes every 5 Minutes  for 5 Runs a total of 5000 Likes.

14. What are PowerLikes?

PowerLikes are the best way you can grow your Instagram. You will get Likes every time you post from big accounts and help you rank higher in explore page, you can read more by clicking here.

15. What happens if my Page Likes disappear?

We will only Refill your dropped Likes if the service you selected has Refill.

16. Where do the Likes come from?

Usually the likes are from all over the world, but we also provide Targeted Likes.

17. Can my YouTube video get flagged?

By purchasing any Social Media Service there is always a chance of a Video/Photo getting removed, but that is a very rare situation, we had zero issues since we started selling Social Media Services because we provide the highest quality possible.

18. What does High Retention [HR] mean?

High Retention means that the viewers will watch your video for a long period of time.